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t40W Pro

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Product Information

Ghilotina t40W Pro is one of the most secure and discreet solutions for controlling flying insects. It is ideal for sensitive establishments such as food preparation facilities and storages. Considering reliability, it is an excellent choice as the trap has a rigid metal construction which ensures a high service life. 

The trap can be placed anywhere on the wall or on any flat surface close to a power source.


  • does not require the use of chemical substances;
  • safe for the environment;
  • can be used in a variety of spaces and covers a wide area;
  • decorative aspect – discreet and aesthetic design;
  • efficient against a multitude of flying insects(flies, moths, mosquitoes, etc).

How it works

Flying insects are attracted by the special UV light tubes and then stick to the attached tape device, without the risk of being thrown out of the Ghilotina t40W Pro. The recommended period for replacing the UV tubes is every 12 months, preferably early in the warm season. Furthermore, adhesive plates should be replaced every time their surface is completely covered with insects, generally, once a month. Depending on the case, they might be used effectively longer, but not more than 2 months should pass since the last adhesive plate change. This is a safety measure to ensure the trap’s functionality.

How to use

  1. Identify the area in which there is insect activity;
  2. Install the trap on the wall and connect it to the electrical grid;
  3. Leave it on for an extended period of time. The pests will be attracted by the UV light;
  4. After a while, when the entire adhesive tape is filled with insects, clean the trap, replace the tubes, and re-use the product.

Avoid using the device in extremely humid areas.

Power: 15 W
Voltage: 230 V

Lightbulb power

  • 1 neon of 15 W
  • 2 neons of 20 W
  • 2 neons of 15 W



2.5 kg


1 unit



Free Shipping


Par Avion


Trap Type




Electricity Source


Effective Against

Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths of Clothes, Night butterfly

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