t300 Ambush

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t300 Ambush

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Product Information

The t300 Ambush is a self-locking, reusable trap that allows multiple captures of mice.


  • single lock, double counterweight;
  • available in either black or blue color;
  • can trap up to 15-20 mice;
  • the compartment for bait is inaccessible to animals other than rodents and it is also unreachable by children;
  • the upper part allows inspection of the catch without opening the lid;
  • high resistance to mechanical and atmospheric factors;
  • can be used to monitor rodent population;
  • can be used with rodenticides, adhesives and/or attractants;
  • can be used as a non-lethal solution;
  • easy to use – just set it up and let it capture mice.

How it works

The t300 Ambush is designed for capturing and monitoring mice and is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor areas where chemical substances are banned (food industry, pharmaceutical industry, farmland, and around children and animals). This product can be used for rodent control using any type of bait and sticking boards for rodent catching. It is provided with two entrances and has a partition wall that prevents the spreading of the bait outside the trap. It has a clamping system to prevent the trap from opening accidentally, and the top allows inspection of the catch without having to lift the lid.

How to use

  1. Identify the areas with high rodent activity;
  2. Place the trap along the walls, taking care not to obstruct the entrance to the trap;
  3. You can use an adhesive board or rodenticides inside the trap;
  4. Check the trap at regular intervals, a few hours in the beginning and then daily, weekly;
  5. If you find mice inside, dispose of them, and re-use the product. Replace the bait from the inside to maintain a high degree of capture.

1 piece

Trap Type



1 kg




Black, Blue


30 x 16 x 5 cm


Can be

Usage Area

Indoor, Outdoor

Destination Use

Amateur, Professional

Effective Against


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3 reviews for t300 Ambush

  1. ZI

    Zapca Ioan

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Mice are hiding this season.
    I like the construction.

  2. C


    Rated 3 out of 5

    Put “to work” 2 traps. The result – FLAT ZERO or mice ran away in fear from the yard.
    for the moment I do not recommend

  3. R


    Rated 5 out of 5

    The plastic is qualitative. It initially looked to me like it might have a factory defect, but no mice escaped.

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