t18 Wastec

t18 Wastec

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Extremely effective and easy to use, Ghilotina t18 Wastec fights wasps and flies in a way that protects the environment. The simple design allows easy and safe use. The trap consists of a plastic container with lid and support for hanging. Ghilotina t18 Wastec does not contain toxic substances and can also be used with natural attractants.

We recommend using the trap with the WaspPRO attractant.


  • easy to use;
  • can be used with natural and safe for the environment bait;

How it works

Simply pour its contents attractant into the Ghilotina t18 Wastec trap and place the trap away from people and pets. The insects will be lured inside the trap and, therefore, their population will be controlled.

How to use

  1. Open the lid of the container and pour the attractant liquid inside the trap;
  2. Place the trap outdoors, away from people (for example, the farthest corner of the garden), and avoid exposing it to strong winds. The trap can be placed standing or hanging;
  3. If you notice that no insects have been caught, change the location of the trap. Leave the trap in an area for at least 2 days;
  4. The wasps and flies will enter the trap through the special hole and will not be able to get out. Due to the special lid, the trap will not emit a bad smell and will not allow leaks.
  5. When a considerable number of insects gather in the trap, it can be cleaned and used again. Discard the contents, rinse the container, and refill with attractive liquid.

The trap is used strictly for outdoor use and is ideal for eliminating insects around homes, swimming pools, and gardens.


1 piece


100 g

Trap Type



13.7 x 18 cm






Can be

Protected Surface

0 – 5 mp

Usage Area


Destination Use

Amateur, Professional

Effective Against

Flies, Wasps

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