Butterfly Guard

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Butterfly Guard

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Product Information

The Butterfly Guard traps are made of recycled material and are used to control and monitor insects, in pots on balconies, in living spaces, and in greenhouses.


  • Insecticide-free;
  • Ready to use;
  • Suitable for all types of plants;
  • Attractive butterfly design.

How it works

Harmful insects, such as whiteflies, winged aphids or blackflies (Fungus gnats), are naturally attracted to yellow tones and stick to the special adhesive. The traps can be inserted directly into the soil of the pot or they can be suspended from the branches of the plant or near them.

Colored plastic has a strong attraction effect on several insect pests. Once they reach the surface of the trap, the insects remain trapped on it and can no longer cause any damage to the plants.

The adhesive glue is odorless, toxin-free and insecticide-free. The adhesive glue has an exceptionally high and long-lasting adhesion force, without leaking from the sticker surface.


  • Apply one Butterfly Guard trap for every 1 – 1.5 m of plants for weak infestations and one trap per flower for more serious infestations.
  • The traps can also be used preventively to detect the presence of pests in time.
  • The traps can be applied throughout the year. In winter it is advisable to check the traps regularly because of the dry air. Water droplets do not affect the glue’s ability to hold.

How to use

  1. Pull the protective paper up slightly on both sides, from the bottom corner.
  2. Insert the trap into the soil of the flowerpot and then remove the protective paper completely.
  3. If you want to suspend it from the branches of the plant, or close to it, simply attach the rods included in the packet to the top of the trap.

set of 10



Trap Type


Usage Area


Bio crops



Balcony flowers, Green plants, Houseplants, Ornamental plants, Succulent plants

Manuals and Other Files

2 reviews for Butterfly Guard

  1. IS

    Iuliana Sorinela

    Rated 5 out of 5

    An effective, easy-to-use product that looks very pretty in the pot. Within hours of setting the trap, there were already flies caught. I highly recommend

  2. I


    Rated 5 out of 5

    Effective for black flies, I think it’s the best trap for (adult) flies.

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