Ghilotina t30

Ghilotina t30

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Ghilotina t30 is a gel type rodent lure, ecological, with a brown color. Ghilotina t30 is a non-toxic lure with great efficiency against all types of rodent, mice or rats. The lure is based on a mixture ingredients that are used in food products witch increase the attractiveness of the bait inserted in the traps or in the bait station used in the rodent control treatment.

This mix can be used for a longer time (without the decrease of the bait attractiveness for the rodents) and this is the reason that makes this lure great for the use all the year, no matter of the season.

Ghilotina t30 is efficient when is used in combination with the glue traps, mechanical traps and other traps for the rodent control of mice and rats. Each tube is enough for 80 dosage. The application of the lure is made in small doses (not beggar than a rice grain) on the area that need the rodent treatment and each dose need to have approximate 2 grams for good efficiency.



Recomended against

Mice, Rats

Trap type


Electricity source


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