Ghilotina Fly Killer t15W Deco

Ghilotina Fly Killer t15W Deco

5.0000 kg
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Product Information

Ghilotina Fly Killer t15W Deco is best for those who do not want to apply conventional insecticides to combat the flying insects. Applied to the wall, it will look just like a decorative lamp pattern.

The product can be used in many areas such as households, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, without involving other sounds or smells. Simply mount on the wall trap next to a power source and you will be convinced of its effectiveness in no time. One fly killer covers an area of 40 sq.m.

Mode of action:

– Insects are attracted to UV light trap created inside the tube. Product ingenious forms attached with duct tape captures insects without the risk of being thrown out;
– It is only necessary to replace the adhesive plate each time is completely covered with insects. The tubes are replaced every 12 months, in principle, before the season;
– This fly killer will be placed at a height of about 1.5-2 meters high that it is usually flying insects.

The Ghilotina Fly Killer t15W Deco can be placed and exterior and interior. Avoid using the device in extremely humid areas.

Weight 5.0000 kg


Recomended against

Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths of clothes, Moths of food, Night butterfly

Trap type


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Electricity source


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