b29 Brodifacoum Fresh Pasta

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b29 Brodifacoum Fresh Pasta

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Product Information

b29 Brodifacoum Fresh Pasta is a paste raticide bait, in the form of ready-to-use sachets. This raticide contains the active substance brodifacoum, a very strong ingredient with high effectiveness. It acts against both house mice (Mus musculus), black rats (Rattus rattus), and brown rats (Rattus norvegicus).

Active substance: Brodifacoum 0.0295 g/kg.


  • effective against large populations;
  • works well even in small doses;
  • resistant to moisture, therefore, suitable for outdoors;
  • contains bitrex – a deterrent that prevents accidental ingestion by non-target organisms;
  • contains both brodifacoum and lure to increase the attractiveness of the bait so much that rodents are more likely to consume pasta bait than their natural food;
  • effective against rodents that have developed immunity to other active substances (such as warfarin).

How it works

The substance acts against rodents both by luring and poisoning them so that you can control their population. The product has high efficiency, thanks to the delayed action. This prevents rats and mice from rejecting the bait. Ghilotina b29 Brodifacoum Fresh Pasta is packed in small, porous sachets of about 10 g each. As such, the bait is also protected, and the development of moisture is prevented. Moreover, it contributes to prolonging its effectiveness.

How to use

Against mice:
  1. Place the raticide sachets in the cardboard or plastic bait stations. Use small amounts of bait for each bait station. They should be placed at an interval of 2-4 meters (in case of a massive infestation, increase the dose by up to 50% and place the bait poisoning stations at smaller distances from each other)
  2. It is recommended to check the degree of consumption at least once every 10-14 days. Replace partially worn, dirty, or damaged sachets and fill the required ones with raticide. Continue until consumption stops. Repeat the treatment if the infestation reappears. (Ex: new traces such as excrement).
  3. If there is activity, but the use of raticide ceases, we advise you to place the bait stations in different locations. If the entire amount of raticide sachets has been consumed and the infestation is still occurring, refill the bait stations and also place a larger number of them.
Against rats:
  1. Place the raticide sachets in cardboard or plastic bait stations in the areas heavily populated with rodents. Place them at an interval of 5-10 meters (in case of a massive infestation, increase the dose by up to 50%).
  2. Check the bait stations and the degree of consumption, at least once every 3-5 days, and later, once a week. Replace worn, dirty, or damaged sachets whenever needed. Continue until consumption stops and repeat the treatment if the infestation reappears.
  3. It is advisable not to disturb or move the poisoning stations for a few days. If after about 7-10 days no consumption of the bait product is observed, it is advisable to change their location.

Apply the bait in areas where the activity of mice and rats has been confirmed. Place the bait in bait stations to prevent humans or animals from coming into direct contact with it. The application can be done outside (around buildings), in agriculture, food warehouses, farms, etc.

Caution: If other animals ingest the raticide, it is recommended to have Vitamin K1s administered by veterinary personnel.


5 Kg





Active Substance


Shelf Life


Destination Use

Amateur, Professional

Effective Against

Mice, Rats

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3 reviews for b29 Brodifacoum Fresh Pasta

  1. L


    Rated 5 out of 5

    Brodifacoum blue sachets: is a very good and effective product, for mice and even rats, after 6-8 days they didn’t eat anything and I didn’t see any unwanted tenants. I recommend it!

  2. PU

    Pfa U.

    Rated 5 out of 5

    this product is good but the traps are not good at all !!

  3. DA

    Dumitrescu A.

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Excellent product, but a little expensive!!

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