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NoZZoff is an innovative, ecological product, used for the treatment of stagnant and still waters for the control of mosquito larvae and pupae.


  • based on a rapidly biodegradable oil of vegetable origin (OECD 301 B);
  • silicone-free;
  • does not create resistance phenomena;
  • its use does not modify water values​​ significantly such as temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen, thus not altering the natural conditions necessary for the survival of the existing aquatic fauna;
  • it does not contain insecticidal or larvicidal active substances;
  • effective for at least 4 weeks, it guarantees to combat larvae in the first 5 days;
  • according to current European legislation, it is not classified as dangerous for human health and the environment.

How it works

NoZZoff is a bio larvicide, in the form of a ready-to-use liquid that, when applied to the surface of the water, quickly creates a thin film that prevents the development of immature stages of mosquitoes (larvae and pupae). Its mechanism of action, significantly lowering the surface tension of the water, does not allow larvae and pupae to breathe the atmospheric oxygen, necessary for their survival, leading them to the consequent suffocation. Because of the reduced surface tension of the water, in fact, larvae and pupae cannot adhere to the surface to draw the necessary atmospheric oxygen from the air.

In addition, the low surface tension prevents the adult females from laying eggs since, as soon as they get in touch with the treated surface, they get trapped and sink in the water.

NoZZoff acts by physical-mechanical action and it is indicated for use in still and stagnant water such as:

– plant saucers, buckets, tires, gutters, and water tanks, with an effectiveness of up to 4 weeks;

– sewers, drains, manholes, and septic tanks, with effectiveness from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the organic load present.

How to use

NoZZoff is applied undiluted using a sprayer according to the viscosity of the product. It is recommended to use nozzles with a large spray hole. Or you can apply the larvicide directly from the bottle using a measuring device.

  • In case of micro-outbreaks (plant saucers, buckets, tires,): apply from 1 to 5 ml of the product as it is (1ml corresponds to 20-25 drops), every m2 of stagnant water surface;
  • In gutters, water tanks, drains, sewers and septic tanks full of organic matter: apply from 10 to 20 ml of product as it is.

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