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Product Information

i21.5 Lili is an insecticide in the form of a gel – insecticidal bait, odorless and ready to use to combat cockroaches.

The product is used to combat both nymphs and adults of all species of house cockroaches (Blatella germanica, Supella longipalpa, Blatta orientalis, Periplaneta americana).

Active substance: Imidacloprid 21.5 g/kg.


  • it allows an easy and practical intervention in spaces where the use of classic insecticides can generate possible secondary problems;
  • contains attractants that will attract cockroaches from a few meters away;
  • approximately 24 hours after the treatment, the first dead cockroaches will be observed which, as far as possible, will have to be left in place;
  • it is a ready-to-use insecticide, with easy application and maximum efficiency.

How it works

The first cockroaches die in the following hours after ingestion, which should be left in the same place as much as possible, because kitchen cockroach species feed on the excrement of their peers or on the corpses of the dead, thus creating a “cascade” effect that extends the contamination with the gel insecticide and to other pests.

How to use

  • The product can be applied at any time of the day, regardless of whether there are people on the premises or not, in hard-to-reach places, where liquid insecticides cannot be used for security reasons.
  • Applying the insecticide is easy, with the help of the syringe in small drops (the size of a grain of rice), or thin strips.
  • Before application, it is recommended to monitor and identify the places where pests are present.
  • Can be used indoors (houses, apartments, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, trains, airplanes, factories and warehouses, etc.), and is applied locally in infested areas, more specifically in hard-to-reach places: inside household appliances, in the area of electrical installations, in hot and humid places such as bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, hot water pipes, as well as in dark places, cracks in the wall or floor.

10 g





Application Type

Ready to Use

Active Substance


Active Substance Concentration

21,5 g/ kg

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