i21.5 Fluogel

i21.5 Fluogel

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Product Information

i21.5  Fluogel is an innovative, ready-to-use insecticide in the form of a gel to combat the main species of cockroaches (Blattella germanica, Blatta orientalis, supella longipalpa), of both sexes and in all stages of development (nymphs and adults).


  • contains attractive and nutritious substances whose balance in the formula makes it extremely tasty for cockroach species, causing increased mortality from the first 24 hours after application;
  • combats infestation within a week of application;
  • the light and neutral color of the insecticide allows discreet applications, and the fluorescent marker it contains allows the gel drops to be highlighted when illuminated with ultraviolet light.
  • easy to apply due to its strong adhesiveness: it does not flow, even if it is applied on vertical surfaces and in addition, it remains soft for a long period of time, ensuring a residual effect up to 3 months after application;
  • it contains a bitter agent that makes it repulsive to humans or pets.

How to use

To obtain the best results, Fluogel must be applied in drops, according to the indicated methods and doses, in the cracks and narrow spaces in the walls, plinths, electrical panels, kitchen hoods, near the motors of dishwashers and refrigerators, near the water pipes and in all dark, humid and warm places where the environmental conditions could facilitate the reproduction of cockroaches.

Fluogel can be applied, as a preventive treatment, in the access points of cockroaches, such as doors, windows, wall cracks and narrow spaces. It can be used in suitable bait containers or similar equipment, positioning them in those areas where cockroaches are active. During the application of the product, there is no need for people to stay away from the treated area.

Dosage: 3 drops / m2 (Blattella germanica/Supella Longipalpa/Blatta orientalis)

A drop of approximately 6-7 mm in diameter corresponds to 0.08 g of Fluogel.

  1. Remove the cap from the tip of the syringe, bring the tip closer to the surface to be treated, slowly press the plunger and apply the product in drops following the appropriate dosage. Close the syringe cap at the end of the application;
  2. Periodically check the consumption of insecticide and replace it when it is used up;
  3. Do not apply more than once a week;
  4. At the end of the treatment, remove the bait residues and dispose of them according to local regulations.


  • Apply the product only in cracks and narrow spaces.
  • It is recommended not to place the bait on very dirty surfaces, or which are subject to frequent washing, or which have recently been treated with other insecticides.
  • Do not apply the product near heat sources or in places with high humidity.
  • Placed in inaccessible places for children, pets and unintended animals.
  • Do not apply directly on or near food, drinks, or on surfaces and utensils that could come into direct contact with food, drinks and animals.
  • Use only in hidden areas, hard to reach and kept away from water.

7 g





Application Type

Ready to Use

Active Substance


Active Substance Concentration

2.19 %

Mode of Action


Destination Use


Effective Against

Cockroaches, German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches

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