i10 Quick Bayt 2Extra WG10

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i10 Quick Bayt 2Extra WG10

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Product Information

Ghilotina i10 Quick Bayt 2Extra WG10 is a concentrated insecticide bait for combating flies. The product is intended for use during public health and hygienic activities. It can be applied in situations such as disinsectization in the zootechnical sector. Also, it might be used in the food industry or in small farms and private households. Moreover, it’s a good choice for many more conditions. As such, the product is suitable for commercial, industrial, and domestic spaces.

It is formulated on the basis of two active substances:

  • imidacloprid (10% w / w) – with systemic action, which blocks and paralyzes the nervous system of insects, causing their death;
  • cis-tricos-en (0.1% w / w) – which acts conjugated and complementary to the systemic action, increasing the efficiency and speed of action of the product.

The formulation also includes the Bittrex repellent agent in order to prevent the accidental ingestion of the product by non-target organisms. Due to it, the substance is perceived as extremely bitter for humans which helps prevent accidents.


  • attracts flies with rapid efficiency;
  • action time of up to 6 weeks;
  • has a multitude of potential applications;
  • tested efficiency of 97.3% up to 98.7%;
  • safe to use – preventive of ingestion by children or pets;
  • wide range of effect.

How it works

Unlike conventional insecticides, which base their mode of action on the accidental contact of flies with the treated surface, insecticidal baits such as Ghilotina i10 Quick Bayt 2Extra WG10 attract flies to it. The substance acts even to the detriment of conventional food sources, which is why it is not necessary to treat the entire surface that you desire to protect with the insecticide, but only cover about 30-40% of it.

How to use

  1. Mix 250 g Quick Bayt with 2 liters of water;
  2. Vigorously shake the container in which the working solution was prepared, in order to obtain a homogeneous  mixture;
  3. Apply the composition on about 100 sqm, for the protection of around  300-400 sq.m. The solution obtained is sprayed with a very pump using very low pressure or with a hand sprayer. For maximum efficiency, the solution should be applied in the area where flies tend to sit: windows frames, door frames, pillars, trash bins;
  4. Maximum biocide activity is obtained after 21-28 days. It is recommended to refresh the product after this period, by simply spraying the treated surfaces with water. The action time is extended up to 6 weeks, with tested effectiveness of 97.3% up to 98.7%;
  5. The treatment can be repeated, if necessary, but no more than 5 treatments should be applied each year.

Area of use:

  • exterior: abattoirs, animal housing, domestic dwellings, garbage containers, and other industrial and commercial areas, around industrial sites, feedlot manure heaps, garbage dumps, poultry farms, and animal housing;

interior: commercial and industrial facilities and animal houses, private properties.

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  1. B


    Rated 5 out of 5

    Good product, maybe a little too expensive.

  2. AA

    Adriana A.

    Rated 5 out of 5

    I’m very satisfied with the result. I’ve recommended the product to more than 10 people… I’ll definitely use this product again!

  3. MU

    Mihai U.

    Rated 5 out of 5

    I am very satisfied with the quality of the products. I managed to solve the fly problem I had

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