Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Product Information

The Ghilotina Diatomaceous Earth insecticide and acaricide is based on the substance with the same name. It acts by rapidly causing dehydration of parasites following a process of abrasion. The substance prevents onset resistance from being developed by the pests thanks its way of action on the weeds.

Active substance: Diatomaceous earth.

How it works

The product consists of 100% diatomite, a natural, amorphous fossil flour with diatomaceous deposit origins. Parasites, such as  the red mite, found in poultry farms, but also crawling insects such as silverfish or ants, that come in contact with the dust have their numbers drastically reduced, thus their populations are easily controlled.

The active ingredient attacks the fat found in the cuticle, weakening it and causing dehydration of the insect that dies after a few hours (low temperatures and high humidity can delay the effect for up to 1-2 days).

How to use

The insecticidal and acaricidal powder can be used against species that can infest various environments (civilians, farms), such as ants (Lasius Niger), chicken red mites (Dermanyssus gallinae) and cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis).

Against mites: Make the bed coverings accessible, the lower edges of the covers, aviary balconies, and all the places where mites can hide. Spread the dust forming a clearly visible flat layer (redo, if applicable, the application). 

Treatment dosage: Use 30-50 g / m2 depending on the surface to be treated (30 g / m2 per cage – 50 g / m2 per aviary).

Against crawling insects (ants, cockroaches): The product can be used both in the home environment and in processing industries such as bakeries and mills.

Treatment dosage: Use 30-50 g / m2 taking care to sprinkle the hiding places and the passageways of the insects with dust. Use about 5-10 g of product to create a barrier 0.2 cm high and 0.5-2 cm wide.

During the application of the product until its deposition, the ventilation system must be off. Use adequate protective equipment during the filling operations of the application and during the use of the product. Manual dispensers can also be used to create barriers. In this case, it is necessary ​​to cut the tip of the dispenser with the opening facing down, press lightly on the bottle, and apply on the passageways of insects or wherever they can be hiding by creating physical barriers. It is recommended to monitor the points where the infestation could occur. After the parasites have been eliminated, you can leave applied a layer of dust thus preventing a new infestation. If the infestation returns, apply as the first time.


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100 g





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Ready to Use

Mode of Action


Active Substance

Diatomaceous Earth

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Destination Use

Amateur, Professional

Effective Against

American Cockroaches, Ants, Bed Bugs, Fleas, German Cockroaches, Mites of Dust, Mites of Poultry, Oriental Cockroaches, Spiders

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