Ghilotina Catz Ultra Box

Ghilotina Catz Ultra Box

0.3000 kg
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Product Information

The Catz Ultra Box is designed to capture and monitor rodents and is ideal to use where chemical substances are forbidden (food industry, pharmaceutical industry, farmland, and children and animals). The station is made of a rigid plastic, black, resistant to various mechanical and atmospheric factors, in which it can safely use raticide to control rodents in domestic and external areas.

This product is provided with a safety key so that the bait can not be consumed by other animals. The shape of the station allows fixing in the corners and along the walls where the rodents circulate, being perfect for the interior space.


– Safe: has a special key lock system, inaccessible to other animals, except for rodents;
– Versatile: it can be placed along the walls, in narrow and hardly accessible places, both inside and outside the home;
– Easy to use: place the bait and adhesive board inside the station and wait. Rodents will enter the station, caught by the bait and will remain stuck without any escape;
– Resistance: the station is made of a strong plastic, resistant to mechanical and atmospheric factors;
– Easy to maintain: after the catches are removed, the trap is cleaned with hot water to remove odor.

How to use:

– Open the lid using the metal key and insert the bait or adhesive plate inside using the accessories you have at your disposal. We recommend the simultaneous use of multiple baits to increase the chances of bait being accepted;
– Close the lid and fix the trap to the wall or other places frequented by rodents, taking care not to obstruct the access holes of the station;
– Check the station at regular intervals, a few hours in the beginning and then daily, weekly. Replace the bait from the inside to maintain a high degree of attractiveness;
– After removing the seals, clean the trap with hot water to remove odor. In just a few minutes the station will be able to be used again.

Weight 0.3000 kg


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25 cm x 16 cm x 7 cm

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