Evergreen Fluid

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Evergreen Fluid

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Product Information

Evergreen Fluid is a liquid fertilizer that prevents the browning of conifers or other plants with persistent foliage.

Contains: 2.6 % nitrogen (N); 0.6% phosphorus pentaoxide (P₂O₅); 4.3% potassium oxide (K₂O).


  • accentuates the specific color of conifers;
  • increases the plant’s resistance to diseases;
  • increases the density of the leaves;
  • helps in the formation of conifer needles and ensures their good development
  • secondary ingredients revitalize the soil and help plants overcome periods of stress caused by drought.

How it works

Evergreen Fluid is a fertilizer specially formulated for the nutritional requirements of conifers (spruce, fir, pine, thuja, but also of plants with persistent “evergreen” foliage, such as Rhododendron, Ilex, Prunus laurocerasus), ensuring a healthy and luxuriant growth.

How to use

Evergreen Fluid is applied both by watering and by foliar spraying. Applications can be repeated every three to four weeks, from March to October.

  • Foliar application: 25 ml to 10 L water. Spray on plants 3-4 times during the growing season. Application is not recommended during the day in strong sunlight.
  • Soil treatment: 50 ml to 10 L of water.

350 ml



Active Substance

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium

Active Substance Concentration


Destination Use

Amateur, Professional

Bio crops



Buxus, Conifers

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