AMN BioVit

AMN BioVit

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Product Information

AMN BioVit is a ready-to-use fertilizer that increases plant resistance to fungal infections and keeps pests at bay.


  • due to the very high concentration of garlic extract, AMN BioVit provides plants with high amounts of beneficial amino acids, trace elements and micronutrients;
  • suitable for all plant species, both indoor and outdoor;
  • the best results were especially in roses, vines, fruit bushes and vegetables;
  • intensifies the taste of fruits and vegetables, as well as the level of sugars in berries and grapes;
  • it can be combined with other plant protection products as well as pesticides, intensifying their effect. For best results, apply preventively and regularly.

How to use

  • Apply 3-4 treatments every 1-2 weeks;
  • In case of acute stress spray plants every 4 days;
  • Can be applied to flowers and fruit;
  • For best effect apply in the morning when temperatures are between 15 and 25 degrees;
  • Do not apply during pollination, as it may repel bees and other pollinators.

1 litre



Active Substance

Garlic extract

Active Substance Concentration

100% organic substances

Destination Use

Amateur, Professional

Bio crops



Fruit Trees, Ornamental plants, Ornamental trees, Vegetables, Vineyard

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