s33 Alpha long

s33 Alpha long

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Product Information

S33 Alpha long is a bait station that can be safely used to control rodent populations. It can be paired perfectly with all types of bait: paste, pellets, or wax blocks.


  • easy to install and safe to use;
  • can be reused;
  • compatible with any type of bait;
  • can be put both indoors and outdoors and its shape allows for placement in hard to reach spots;
  • made out of durable plastic.

How it works

The population of the rodents that interact with the poison or traps placed inside this product will be controlled. The bait station is equipped with a bait tray and a metal hook in which the paraffined bait can be safely placed. Ghilotina s33 Alpha long also has a plastic key used for locking the lid. This product can be used in conditions such as dusty environments or other sensitive places. Its triangular shape makes it very space convenient as it fits in many places. Its low height makes it perfect for interior locations (it can fit under furniture objects or in hard to reach places). Bait stations containing rodenticides should be located only in locations where children or domestic animals do not have access.

How to use

  1. Locate the area with high rodent activity. Look for places where they are more likely to pass by (near walls, in corners, and other spaces that they perceive as safe).
  2. Place the bait station on the ground or to the wall without blocking the entrances;
  3. Open the stations cover;
  4. Insert the bait;
  5. Close the lid and leave the bait station for a period of time;
  6. Upon returning check through the transparent lid. If rodents are inside remove them and then re-use.

This product can be used: in all industrial spaces, public spaces, domestic spaces.


1 piece


33 x 10 x 90 cm


100 g






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Safety Protection


Usage Area

Indoor, Outdoor

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Amateur, Professional

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