Buffet Chocolate

Buffet Chocolate

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Product Information

Buffet Chocolate is an attractant with a tempting chocolate aroma for mice and rats. It can be used as bait or to hide the smell of people, bait stations and new traps. After applying the spray, rats and mice are less cautious in approaching the bait stations.


  • can be used throughout the year, indoors and outdoors, as part of a rodent monitoring and control program;
  • allows a clean and easy application on any bait station or trap;
  • safe, non-toxic product;
  • does not pose a risk to pets or wild animals;
  • non-sticky, homogeneous texture and does not need to be stirred before application.

How to use

  • Buffet Chocolate is ready to use, enough for about 150 sprays.
  • It is used in warehouses, factories, schools, office buildings, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. For optimal results, spray the attractant inside or outside the poisoning station, or on the trap.
  • It is sprayed every 4-6 weeks or every time the trap and the poisoning station have been reached.
  • Do not apply directly on the raticide bait and do not use it together with other attractants.

30 ml



Trap Type


Usage Area


Effective Against

Mice, Rats

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