a60 Rodelure

a60 Rodelure

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Product Information

a60 Rodelure is a non-toxic rodent attractant with great efficiency against all types of rodents especially mice and rats. The product contains a mixture of natural ingredients. Rodents usually prefer to consume food made from the same constituents. Therefore, the gel seems appetizing to them. Accordingly, it is likely that they will interact with the trap, bait station, or other chosen pest control method. As a result, their population will be desirably controlled.


  • great for the use all year-round, no matter the season as it can be used for a longer time without losing its attractiveness;
  • non-toxic – safe for the environment;
  • natural-based ingredients;
  • it’s versatile as it can be used with traps, bait stations, or other pest control equipment.

How it works

Ghilotina a60 Rodelure can be used for rodent control treatments of mice and rats in combination with glue traps, mechanical traps, and other traps. The gel will attract rodents that are passing by. The product works even after it gets dried out. In consequence, it does not have a time limit of effectiveness. Furthermore, each tube contains enough gel for 80 doses.

How to use

  1. Locate the area in which the infestation has occurred;
  2. Place a trap or bait station and, while arming it also apply the gel. Additionally, add rodenticides if needed;
  3. Apply in small doses(“grains”) on the desired area, each dose should be about 2 grams in weight;
  4. Wait for the lure to attract the mice or rats straight into the trap.

60 ml






Can be

Protected Surface

0 – 5 mp

Destination Use

Amateur, Professional

Usage Area

Indoor, Outdoor

Effective Against

Mice, Rats

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