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For Clients
Why do the products have no price?
This is a product presentation website. The products can be purchased from our partner websites or online stores. On each website you can find more details about prices, how to order, and delivery information, specific to every online store.
How do I place an order?
As this is a product presentation website, you can only browse through our portfolio of products. However, orders can be placed through our partner websites or online stores.
Where can I order the products from?
You can purchase our products from our partners. Depending on the region you are from, you can find more details regarding the availability of our products here.
What regions do you have partners in?
You can see the list of regions here, and choose the online store closest to you.
For Partners
How do I become a partner?
If you want to become a Ghilotina partner, contact us at head@ghilotina.com or use our contact form to send us a few details, and we will get in touch.